søndag 1. april 2018

A Little Update

I think some of you have noticed that I’ve been a bit missing in action on this blog for a little while and I apologise for that. I have focused a lot on my book blog and in general been a bit uninspired in terms of this lifestyle blog, so it’s fair to say it was a bit of a bad combination. I also felt that I in a sense just published a post here just to publish something.

I do want to return writing this blog. I just feel that I need some more balance, structure and inspiration to make it work properly. I’m fortunate to feel that I have a “voice” in terms of my book blog, but I need to find it in terms of this blog as well. While the focus on the book blog is obviously books, I want this blog to work as well as I can play around a bit more in terms of themes and topics. This will remain a lifestyle blog, so don’t worry about that. And I will return.

I hope you are doing fine and have a great Easter. Take care.

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