tirsdag 15. august 2017

Two Great Deals on I Love Dogs.no

(This post contains affiliate links. It means that if you do purchase something by using these links, you help to keep Add Norwegian Lifestyle running).

Even though I only "borrow" my father's dog at times by being a dog sitter, I do enjoy searching for fun dog items. The Norwegian online shop I Love Dogs.no does have a couple of decent offers at the moment.

The first one is a monthly surprise box for your dog, where you can recieve the first box for NOK 99 (offer valid until August 31st). It varies what you'll get in the box, but some of the things that is included are treats and doggy bags to pick up you-know-what.

The second offer is 10 per cent off an entire purchase if you use the discount code "apote" during check out (valid until December 31st).

So feel free to spoil your furry friend a bit if you like.

mandag 14. august 2017

Menu Plan Monday Week 33

It's a new Monday, which means it's time for a new Menu Plan Monday post, thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. This week will be a bit fractured in terms of dinner planning, as I'll be dogsitting my father's Leonberger a few days, but the days I'm at home, I know for certain that I will be cooking dinner.

Kasper, the beach boy

So here is my short menu plan for this week.

Monday; Pizza
Tuesday; Fish Gratin
Sunday; Sheek Kebab

What's on your menu plan for this week, if you have one? If you don't have one, have you ever considered doing one?

lørdag 12. august 2017

Weekend Cooking; Over Two Month's Worth of Bento Box Lunch Ideas

In last week's Weekend Cooking post, I talked about how practical it can be to bring your own lunch with you to school or to work and I had a "general" list of lunch ideas. This week on the other hand, it's all about bento boxes. Yes, indeed those boxes with vibrant colours and often cute design. The recipes I will share is mainly focused on kids, but if you as an adult feel drawn to them (I know I do), I will not judge.

Stock photo from Pexels
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Out of the box. 6 more bento ideas
16 Days of Bento Lunch Boxes
10 Minute Autumn Lunch

Do you make/eat bento boxes and have any good tips or resources? Feel free to comment below.

torsdag 10. august 2017

Thursday Movie Picks; Summer Blockbusters

It's Thursday yet again, which means it's time for another Thursday Movie Picks post thanks to the blogger behind Wandering Through the Shelves.. The theme for this week was summer blockbusters and here are my picks.

Hindi Medium; Bollywood movies are sometimes a fresh breath.

Dunkirk; WW2 movies are always fascinating.

Wonder Woman; Finally one of the female Marvel superhero.

onsdag 9. august 2017

How to Set More Manageable Goals

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone (myself included) state “I wish.....” there is a fair chance I would be rich. Whether someone wants a new job, to lose weight, or whatever, people usually want something.

For example, throughout my teenage years I wanted to go to university. Unfortunately I failed a couple of classes my senior year at high school and I tried to re-do them, but failed yet again. I ended up working for a few years, before I then found out a way to apply to university, even with a few classes missing from high school. I tried one year, didn’t get accepted, tried the next year and managed to get in. Now I have a Bachelor degree, majoring in English language and literature. The moral of this story is if you turn your dream into a goal, there is bigger chance of accomplishment.

Stock photo from Pexels

Now, how to we make manageable goals? Not all techniques work for everyone, but I will go through some things that might help a bit. Part of the reason why there is such a big rush of new members at the gym in January and February is due to New Year resolutions, but a lot of people haven’t thought things through properly and often start to fall out when winter turns into spring.

First of all, the goal is better if it is specific. “I want to be skinny” is too vague, whereas “I want to lose 20 pounds” are specific.

I find it important to have a “why” as well, partially for motivation. Let’s face it, if one doesn’t have the motivation to lose 20 pounds, there is a big possibility that one will fail. Find your (good) reasons why you want to accomplish something, it will help out A LOT.

To meet the big goal (let’s say get a new job), it will be easier to achieve it if you set up smaller, partial goals. Look at those partial goals as stepping stones. For instance, if one set the big goal of getting a new job, some of the partial goals could be;
  • Apply for X jobs in one month
  • Follow up e-mails/phone X of those applications to check for a possibility of a job interview
  • Go to X job interviews

Consistency is another big factor in achieving a goal. If one wants to lose those 20 pounds, one can’t give up after two weeks.

The last thing I want to talk about is relevance. You got to set the goal FOR YOU, not to please your parents/spouse or society.

Do you have any big goals at the moment and do you have any good tips on how to achieve goals? Feel free to comment below.

mandag 7. august 2017

Menu Plan Monday Week 32

It's Monday again, which means it's time for a new Menu Plan Monday post, thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. I'm finally getting a little bit of inspiration again when it comes to dinners, combined with me trying to have a general "destash" when it comes to dinners I have, either in the cupboard or in my freezer (even though it means having the same dinner several times during a week).

Stock photo from Pexels
Here is my menu plan for this week.
Monday; Fish Gratin
Tuesday; Thai Red Curry Soup
Wednesday; Pan Seared Pollock
Thursday; Spinach Soup
Friday; Pan Seared Pollock
Saturday; Aloo Mutter
Sunday; Pan Seared Pollock